Gasherbrum 1

Gasherbrum means a shining wall. There are six Gasherbrum peaks in the Karakorum Baltoro Range. It was captain Young husband and his party, which in 1889 discovered Gasherbrum glacier. American Geologist-cum-climber and winner of the 1936 Olympic Gold Medal visited the area and after doing some photographic work on the Baltoro glacier, made an attempt on the southeast ridge of Gasherbrum-I, who is also called Hidden Peak (8068m in1935, Dr. P.C. Visser, a Dutch, and his party surveyed Gasherbrum glacier. It was, however, in 1936 that a strong French expedition led by H. de Segogne tried its luck on Gasherbrum-I. The party went up to 6,797m where camp-V was established. Subsequently the party located a place for camp-VI at 7,010m. it was however, due to a continuous storm and bad weather that the party was forced to abandon its plan. It was however, an American expedition of Nick Clinch, which in 1958 climbed Gasherbrum-I peak. Schoening and Kaufman went to its top. Nick was the first prison who crossed Masherbum La in 1974, much to the surprise of the villagers of Hushe, who thought their valley impregnable from the north. They remembered Clinch and gave him a warm welcome.

Gasherbrum 2

is 5th highest in Pakistan and ranking 14th in World. The first ascent made by Austrians led by Fritz Moravec along with Josef Larch and Hans Willenpart on 8th July, 1956.The climb on this Peak is both on rock and ice. A high level of technical skill, physical fitness and acclimatization is required


DAY 01

Arrive Islamabad, transfer to hotel.

DAY 02

Islamabad- Transfer to Hotel & sight seen . 

DAY 03

Drive to Chilas, Transfer to Hotel 

DAY 04

Drive to Skardu, overnight at Hotel. 

DAY 05

Skardu- preparations & briefing at Tourism Office 

DAY 06

Drive to Thongal/Askole, overnight camp 

DAY 07

Trek to Jula, overnight camp 

DAY 08

Trek to Payu, overnight camp 

DAY 09

Rest at Payu

DAY 10

Trek to Urdukas, overnight camp 

DAY 11

Trek to GoroII, overnight camp 

DAY 12

Trek to Concordia, overnight camp 

DAY 13

Trek to Shaqring

DAY 14

Trek to base camp

DAY 15-50

Reserved for climbing

DAY 51

Trek back to Ali camp. Overnight camp

DAY 52

Trek to Khuspang. Overnight camp 

DAY 53

Trek to Saischo. Overnight camp

DAY 54

Trek to Hushe & drive to Skardu 

DAY 55

De-Breifing Skardu 

DAY 56

Drive to Chilas. Overnight at hotel 

DAY 57

Drive to Islamabad. Overnight at hotel

DAY 58

Fly Back- End of our Service

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